Monday, 2 April 2012

Growing up in Wellington... Life

After a quick board meeting, it has been decided that Phresh & Phruity will be taking a different approach to things.

I'm going to get the ball rolling, I don't really have an angle on what I'm about to post but I'll give anything ago once.

Wellington, I love the shite out of it and wouldn't dream of ever moving away for an extended period of time. I thought it would be appropriate to write a short post on how it all started for me, for some reason I have a pretty vivid memory of where i grew up as a child.

It all began in a little cottage in Footscray Avenue, its a little walk up from Cuba Street next to where Real Groovy used to be (sadly now another business, where will I buy my Playstation one games from now?!)

I was walking the long way home from Aro Video last night to find it like this... Definitely not how I remember it at all. The room on the left where you can see the windows was my room... I think my Mother would have a heart attack if she saw the state of her garden now.

Now the back yard used to be huge! I had a sandpit, paddling pool and all sorts of other early 1990's goodies! Sadly, it looks like a concentration camp now...With a little bit of a dangerous limbo on the shed roof I found the Jasmine plants still growing beside the shed! (I'm going inside that house...)

I found that most of the places I knew had closed or been re-branded, I found remains of the things I used to neglect on a daily basis but I guess whats why they call it childhood. Kind of decided a bit of a mosey was in order...

Older Gentleman who was a friend of my old mans used to own this place, spent many an afternoon waiting while they had a yarn... If you know my old man, you'll know that means a half an hour chat.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Was a favorite of mine for a very long time, very well known burgers (I used to get  VIP kitchen visits when I was younger).

Bit of a 1990's vs 2000's battle going on here, this was the place where I purchased my original Optimus Prime transformers toy... of course the thought of this still leaves me grinning from ear to ear!

With the 1990's on the mind, it was home time for a jam on the Sega.

Before I depart I figure I should leave everything on a happy note, or interesting note...

When I left home this evening I walked over the top of the terrace tunnel entrance... I came across two oddly dressed females carrying a BMX bike over their shoulders. As I wandered past I asked why they weren't pushing it... I had them stumped, so they began pushing it and chatting away, I found out they were friends with the window washer fellas from Newtown and demanded a photo.

I swiftly parted ways with these two only to find them about fifty meters down the road with the police, the BMX didn't belong to them. A quick snap and a duck down a side street found me where I took some of the above photos.

I bumped into these two lovely humans again on Cuba Street which totally makes sense if you are a Wellingtonian... I ended up talking to a few interesting people tonight and I wouldn't change this place at all.

I promise weekly updates with interesting content.


Sneak peak of things to come...

Damn it's been awhile! Here we were thinking we were going to be real "productive" over summer and to heaps of posts... turns out it was the opposite, maybe we just all have more time for stuff in the colder months.

We have actually been doing things though, Hardpark was a good catch up, 4 and Rotor was hilarious , My highlight of the day personally was a certain quote about some of the cars on display ( Hey bro the 90's called , they want you to fax there car back! )
The civic's had some progress , Some subtle interior mods and a little more low was added, Milk's owned about 20 more cars since the last post and Loki somehow sold a Citroen yet cant seem too part ways with the rusty rolla.

Anyway here's a sneak peak of the BBS RS progress, They have been away being lovingly restored by a BBS guru in the big smoke of Auckland, (apparently he's had 30 odd sets). I Pinched the pics off facebook so will take some better ones soon.

Now just waiting on Centre caps to turn up from overseas and they will be sitting pretty on the civic.

Tealy Aqua Bluey Green FTW

Good things are coming....

Che , C