Thursday, 28 July 2011


Most of you that read this blog are probably aware of another blog, Bwarp. Obviously way more organised than Phresh and Phruity, they have stickers, and organise monthly(ish?) meets, at BurgerFuel Johnsonville. Conan decided he was a jock and going to the rugby, Milk was home nursing a toothache, so that left me. Fired up the trusty Corolla and was on my way.

While there, I talked some smack, ate a mean burger and about a million chips, and made the realisation that I am completely noob at taking photo's at night.. I did get a couple shots that were only mildly embarrassing, so here goes.
A smattering of Hondas.

Including this, my favorite car of the night..

This thing got quite a bit of attention from the guys I was standing with when it rolled in.

Yemo was filming with his camera, so might be able to post a wee video up in a few days time, no doubt with a cameo of me looking like an idiot. Lesson learned, I need more practise time behind the lens, Milk needs to hurry up and get those chompers fixed, and Conan needs to put the next Bwarp meet in his diary.

More coverage of this event will no doubt appear on Phresh and Phruity got love for the Bwarp!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Shoes

So i finally got my hands on a set of my dream wheels recently, A set of BBS RS, 15x7, +25.
Admitedly they are far from perfect and need alot of loving. When i first got them I got a quote for a full refurb which came back at $400 a wheel! Hell no that wasn't happening so i did abit of research and figured i'll do it myself.

This is how they looked when i got them home.

Years of baked on brake dust and Curbing galore, Luckily there are no bends or buckles though.
Went to work cleaning them up, Undid all the bolts and went to work with the heat gun to split them.

Went to town with the file and got the majority of the curbing out of the lip, There are afew deep chunks that are too deep to get out without making the lip crooked but making do the best i can.

Here's the before and after...

Pretty bad pics but you get the idea, 3 more wheels to go, Next up alot of sanding,polishing and a trip to the powdercoaters. Hmmm what colour to go with.....


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rainbow Warrior

Things have been happening at the new pad today!

New intercooler all lined up properly, oils changed, new coolant and running a shit load better than it was the night I got it.

Was supposed to be at Firestone at 8am this morning but due to a friend of mine being at the Emergency department for a few hours I slept in. This afternoon (sorry Bryce) the IV got new shoes! 

Josh and I decided to visit Super Cheap for a few little bits the garage needed and came back with bags of equipment we didn't need. See if you can work out what I got!

So long story short, I got a little fine for having no front bumper last night. I decided that today the bumper was to return, with a little extra phruit.

Yes the lip is pink! What counts is that its on the bumper right?

Next on the list is the interior... Watch this space

Muffins ;)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oh Hurro!

My apologies for the lack of updates in the last little while, I have cut the cord and moved into town. Woosh still haven't connected my Internet!!

My stupidly practical BMW has finally changed hands.. It wasn't the usual cash sale I enjoy but I don't own it anymore.

I'm sure everyone already knows it has been replaced with another Evolution. So, before I disappoint with the pictures I'll write a novel.

Ive gone back in time, this car owes me a good ten thousand dollars less than my last Evo IV though.

Basically its your run of the mill Evo IV.. Metallic blue, adjustable suspension, ridiculously wide 18" wheels, recaro interior and an Evo VII motor. All in all, its pretty tidy for the price it owes me and puts a bigger smile on my face than that BMW ever did. Plus I have a folder of receipts again!

Of course with me and the cars I buy (particularly the price I pay) it has a few niggles... It had a broken spotlight, holes in the boot, clear tail lights, no front lip and a gaping hole in the intercooler... They were all changed within hours of receiving the car.

After a couple of days, I have reached something! You can't play 18 hole golf on the bootlid anymore.

The paint comes up pretty nice but its screaming TE37 and more low... Oh, it needs the noisy AC pump fixed because everyone looks at me like its going to blow up.

Remember these indicators?

How the back should look, minus the Herrafrush

Have put the lip on the front bumper, new spotlight in and aligned the intercooler since these photos.

The to do list includes painting the front bumper and bootlid, finding some Evo V tail lights and tidier front door cards.

Pretty happy with it! Takes me back to where I first started with these things and the committee approve.

Will be updating you soon,

Love Milk

Monday, 11 July 2011

Work in Phrogress

Just a few shots taken this Saturday day of Conan's Civic. Last weekend saw the addition of adjustables and rims, starting to look the part a bit more than Nan's old civ..

Sunday this week the car got a bit of a holiday, what I believe to be a long overdue coolant and oil change, along with shorter wheel-nuts meaning that the car could now sport it's BBS centrecaps. Next to come will be winding those adjustables right done, some subtle interior mods, tidying up of the bumpers and a cert. Not to mention something secret JDM squirrel.

For now though, just a couple of photo's I braved the wind to take.