Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oh Hurro!

My apologies for the lack of updates in the last little while, I have cut the cord and moved into town. Woosh still haven't connected my Internet!!

My stupidly practical BMW has finally changed hands.. It wasn't the usual cash sale I enjoy but I don't own it anymore.

I'm sure everyone already knows it has been replaced with another Evolution. So, before I disappoint with the pictures I'll write a novel.

Ive gone back in time, this car owes me a good ten thousand dollars less than my last Evo IV though.

Basically its your run of the mill Evo IV.. Metallic blue, adjustable suspension, ridiculously wide 18" wheels, recaro interior and an Evo VII motor. All in all, its pretty tidy for the price it owes me and puts a bigger smile on my face than that BMW ever did. Plus I have a folder of receipts again!

Of course with me and the cars I buy (particularly the price I pay) it has a few niggles... It had a broken spotlight, holes in the boot, clear tail lights, no front lip and a gaping hole in the intercooler... They were all changed within hours of receiving the car.

After a couple of days, I have reached something! You can't play 18 hole golf on the bootlid anymore.

The paint comes up pretty nice but its screaming TE37 and more low... Oh, it needs the noisy AC pump fixed because everyone looks at me like its going to blow up.

Remember these indicators?

How the back should look, minus the Herrafrush

Have put the lip on the front bumper, new spotlight in and aligned the intercooler since these photos.

The to do list includes painting the front bumper and bootlid, finding some Evo V tail lights and tidier front door cards.

Pretty happy with it! Takes me back to where I first started with these things and the committee approve.

Will be updating you soon,

Love Milk

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