Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rainbow Warrior

Things have been happening at the new pad today!

New intercooler all lined up properly, oils changed, new coolant and running a shit load better than it was the night I got it.

Was supposed to be at Firestone at 8am this morning but due to a friend of mine being at the Emergency department for a few hours I slept in. This afternoon (sorry Bryce) the IV got new shoes! 

Josh and I decided to visit Super Cheap for a few little bits the garage needed and came back with bags of equipment we didn't need. See if you can work out what I got!

So long story short, I got a little fine for having no front bumper last night. I decided that today the bumper was to return, with a little extra phruit.

Yes the lip is pink! What counts is that its on the bumper right?

Next on the list is the interior... Watch this space

Muffins ;)

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