Friday, 9 December 2011

A quick Bwarp to Wendys

ahoy ahoy, Been awhile.... No excuses really but hey Summers here and we can stop hibernating now and get abit more productive.

So this Wednesday we tagged along to the Bwarp cruise up to Wendys to fill our belly's and talk some smack.

We were typically late as we are to most things and missed the drive up but luckily we were not to far behind and it seemed people were still turning up when we arrived.

We rolled in Hadlieghs partners A3 in style as all our other cars were out of action

Bryce was rather chuffed with his purchase's

This ek9 was probably my fave of the trip , I didn't actually meet him but props to him!

And a nice sunset for the drive back.

Looking forward to next time.



Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ray's Civic - For Sale!

Here is my workmates Civic that is up for sale. Looks pretty tidy, full Type R conversion..

Check out the pics and the spec list, and if you are interested hit me up on Facebook and I can put you in touch with the owner.

Loki (Phwesh)

- 1998 Honda Civic VTi-R Converted to Honda Civic Type R 
- Sunroof
- Uniden Alarm (Unsure of the model of alarm, but it has Immobilizer and shock sensor which indicates 4 star on the uniden website)
- Driver and Passenger Airbags
- Air Conditioning Still Attached and Working
- Civic Type R B16B Engine and S4C Type R LSD Box
- Civic Type R Front and Rear 5 Stud Brakes
- Civic Type R Front and Rear Lips
- Civic Type R Alloy Wheels
- Civic Type R Front Strut Brace
- Civic Type R Door Cards
- Civic Type R Recaro Front Seats and Civic Type R Rear seats
- Civic Type R Speedo Cluster, With Mugen Speedo Surround
- Civic Type R Standard Suspension with Super Low Lovell Springs
- Civic Type R ECU
- Full Exhaust System, 2.5ich (silencer attached) , 4-1 Headers

6k ONO

Monday, 26 September 2011

Bakin' that nerph

Ridiculous title for a grouse evening.

Some pretty out of it shit happens at my house, this evening was no different... This time we had no three person slingshot, balcony or foreign objects. Nor did we chase people down the street for messing with Conan's van.

We somehow ended up on the subject of Nerf guns... Next minute, in the car heading to The Warehouse.
We managed to ride around on scooters and get distracted by Transformers Lego for an hour and a half.

When the little red race car got us home (will post pics), Courtney was making brownies!

Brownies look good as! Guns are going to be modified so they shoot a bit better though...

I'm sure the little orange death bullets will be popping up everywhere over the next week.

Nerf war at my place? Grab a gun and come join the fun.

No more lame jokes,


Tuesday, 13 September 2011



  [uh-dik-shuhn]  Show IPA
the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, such as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.


So cars are like drugs... but more expensive with no rehabilitation process.

A couple of Mondays ago my good friend Nick Mallinder (refer to Facebook) and I went on a small adventure..

Two plane tickets and a sketchy little plane saw us arriving in Dunedin mid afternoon to pick up a new toy.. Another Evolution.. Who would of guessed?

Love at first sight... Low kilometers, decent colour, chur bol ride height and wheels with more dish than the thing my flatmate puts her cakes in. The test drive was impressive, nice tight box and it screamed louder than anything I have encountered before... Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

Anyway, we ended up in Picton at about 4am for the 8am ferry nearly 700 kilometers later. Nick did most of the driving because I couldn't stop opening the wastegate in every gear causing excessive petrol use.

The majority of her time so far has been spent cooped up in the garage because I can't afford to feed her.

Lower. More camber. Less spray tint. Perfect.
Next time, I'll write something politically correct, spell things properly, use appropriate grammar and take better photos.



Monday, 12 September 2011

A second glance at Sunday

So as you probably know from a previous post Loki and myself made a late appearance at yemo's photoshoot last week, We definately missed out on the main gathering but none the less we ventured along feeling and looking hella out of place tagging along in the van.
Anyway i luckily pilfered my gf's camera to document some dopeness so here's a quick look at what i got. (excuse the am photography)

Super clean S13

Sunset came in pretty quick and the temp promptly dropped
 Next time early arrival's will be in store and hopefully no big red diesel slugger.



Sunday, 11 September 2011



So uh, its been a bit of a while.. I guess I could blame my hectic social life and uncanny ability to only keep cars for a week for my lack of posting..

Things have changed and we have a keeper of a car, I'm sure my commitment issues will get the better of me.

So today is Sunday, the day where crazy shit happens.. Bryce collected the laptop for a swift Skype date at approx 7.30am (cute), just before midday the chicken started arriving.

Basically, you need a family bucket from KFC, large potato and gravy, pastry and Gordon Ramsay.

Photos tell the story and right now any form of moment is an issue.

 Sorry Yemo!

I'm back on the posting buzz so you will be hearing from me soon.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Green Bwarp Society.

Been a busy few weeks for the Phresh and Phruity team. Highlights including Milk getting another new car, Citroen getting a much needed service, and Bryce's Silvia getting nicked and then returned.

In between, managed to make it to the monthly Bwarp meet, and the Inaugural Green Sticker Society photo shoot! Few pics from these events below, including Rene's (ex Bede's) Honda Accord. Amazing how effective some rims and a bit of low can change a car from boring to blingin'.

This amazing Cressida had sweet f-all k's on it, and it showed. Conan's Cressida should be getting some much needed low in the next few weeks, along with some nice JDM rims bolted on. Although still for sale if anyone is interested in a piece of 80's luxury?

Conan and I turned up late to the actual photoshoot, but tagged along in his work van for the wee trip up to Wright's Hill. Obviously being the "Green Sticker Society" someone had to be rocking a greeny, this time round it was the purty looking S13 you see just below Yemo's 180. Welly seems to have a thing with high quality S Chassis!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A spot of Golf anyone?

Have seen this thing kicking around the net, now it seems it's Pink Stickered and up for sale:

Cool lil vid of it too

Project Golf from Ryan McCrae on Vimeo.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Wow, over two weeks since the last blog update, you would think between the three of us we could manage a bit better than that!

This post is to introduce the newest member to the fleet. Only Iphone photo's this time round, so won't go on for too long, as we will do a proper photo shoot sometime soon.

As you can see, it is a lovely example of a 1989 Citroen BX TRS. 1.9 Automatic, standard hydraulic suspension, and curious French hubcaps. Hopefully will obtain a warrant next week so I can roll in style. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Most of you that read this blog are probably aware of another blog, Bwarp. Obviously way more organised than Phresh and Phruity, they have stickers, and organise monthly(ish?) meets, at BurgerFuel Johnsonville. Conan decided he was a jock and going to the rugby, Milk was home nursing a toothache, so that left me. Fired up the trusty Corolla and was on my way.

While there, I talked some smack, ate a mean burger and about a million chips, and made the realisation that I am completely noob at taking photo's at night.. I did get a couple shots that were only mildly embarrassing, so here goes.
A smattering of Hondas.

Including this, my favorite car of the night..

This thing got quite a bit of attention from the guys I was standing with when it rolled in.

Yemo was filming with his camera, so might be able to post a wee video up in a few days time, no doubt with a cameo of me looking like an idiot. Lesson learned, I need more practise time behind the lens, Milk needs to hurry up and get those chompers fixed, and Conan needs to put the next Bwarp meet in his diary.

More coverage of this event will no doubt appear on Phresh and Phruity got love for the Bwarp!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Shoes

So i finally got my hands on a set of my dream wheels recently, A set of BBS RS, 15x7, +25.
Admitedly they are far from perfect and need alot of loving. When i first got them I got a quote for a full refurb which came back at $400 a wheel! Hell no that wasn't happening so i did abit of research and figured i'll do it myself.

This is how they looked when i got them home.

Years of baked on brake dust and Curbing galore, Luckily there are no bends or buckles though.
Went to work cleaning them up, Undid all the bolts and went to work with the heat gun to split them.

Went to town with the file and got the majority of the curbing out of the lip, There are afew deep chunks that are too deep to get out without making the lip crooked but making do the best i can.

Here's the before and after...

Pretty bad pics but you get the idea, 3 more wheels to go, Next up alot of sanding,polishing and a trip to the powdercoaters. Hmmm what colour to go with.....