Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ray's Civic - For Sale!

Here is my workmates Civic that is up for sale. Looks pretty tidy, full Type R conversion..

Check out the pics and the spec list, and if you are interested hit me up on Facebook and I can put you in touch with the owner.

Loki (Phwesh)

- 1998 Honda Civic VTi-R Converted to Honda Civic Type R 
- Sunroof
- Uniden Alarm (Unsure of the model of alarm, but it has Immobilizer and shock sensor which indicates 4 star on the uniden website)
- Driver and Passenger Airbags
- Air Conditioning Still Attached and Working
- Civic Type R B16B Engine and S4C Type R LSD Box
- Civic Type R Front and Rear 5 Stud Brakes
- Civic Type R Front and Rear Lips
- Civic Type R Alloy Wheels
- Civic Type R Front Strut Brace
- Civic Type R Door Cards
- Civic Type R Recaro Front Seats and Civic Type R Rear seats
- Civic Type R Speedo Cluster, With Mugen Speedo Surround
- Civic Type R Standard Suspension with Super Low Lovell Springs
- Civic Type R ECU
- Full Exhaust System, 2.5ich (silencer attached) , 4-1 Headers

6k ONO

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