Monday, 26 September 2011

Bakin' that nerph

Ridiculous title for a grouse evening.

Some pretty out of it shit happens at my house, this evening was no different... This time we had no three person slingshot, balcony or foreign objects. Nor did we chase people down the street for messing with Conan's van.

We somehow ended up on the subject of Nerf guns... Next minute, in the car heading to The Warehouse.
We managed to ride around on scooters and get distracted by Transformers Lego for an hour and a half.

When the little red race car got us home (will post pics), Courtney was making brownies!

Brownies look good as! Guns are going to be modified so they shoot a bit better though...

I'm sure the little orange death bullets will be popping up everywhere over the next week.

Nerf war at my place? Grab a gun and come join the fun.

No more lame jokes,


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