Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Green Bwarp Society.

Been a busy few weeks for the Phresh and Phruity team. Highlights including Milk getting another new car, Citroen getting a much needed service, and Bryce's Silvia getting nicked and then returned.

In between, managed to make it to the monthly Bwarp meet, and the Inaugural Green Sticker Society photo shoot! Few pics from these events below, including Rene's (ex Bede's) Honda Accord. Amazing how effective some rims and a bit of low can change a car from boring to blingin'.

This amazing Cressida had sweet f-all k's on it, and it showed. Conan's Cressida should be getting some much needed low in the next few weeks, along with some nice JDM rims bolted on. Although still for sale if anyone is interested in a piece of 80's luxury?

Conan and I turned up late to the actual photoshoot, but tagged along in his work van for the wee trip up to Wright's Hill. Obviously being the "Green Sticker Society" someone had to be rocking a greeny, this time round it was the purty looking S13 you see just below Yemo's 180. Welly seems to have a thing with high quality S Chassis!

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