Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Endless debris and tough decisions

Here at Phresh & Phruity things have taken a turn for the worst...

Im beginning to believe that I have a mild form of the desirable obsessive compulsive disorder. I suppose it could be worse, I could be a Kleptomaniac and steal all the things that I 'need'. There is way to treat compulsive hoarding apparently, I don't know what's involved but Im positive the treatment works... On the other hand, one mans trash is another mans treasure, right?

A week ago there was a near complete Evolution II being towed home to keep for parts. We thought we would take the front bumper off for towing and blending with other 'boy racer' vehicles in the Hutt Valley...

On arrival we found each wheel was only supported by two wheel nuts, possibly a lightweight racing modification? At least I didn't scratch the chrome spinners when one of the front brakes stopped working while coasting down a large hill.

A few nights ago we decided to take off a few parts... Nothing major, just one or two small things.

Things escalated, egos grew and bets were made on the expected time of motor extraction.. It became a science project with findings listed on the white board and bolts scattered over the floor.

The front cut was donated to a recently stacked Evolution I and the seats bolted straight onto a set of toyota rails. I guess right now you're wondering what Im going to do with all these spare parts? Well I have no idea... If you are in the market for early Evolution parts now would be the time to send me an email!

What I know for sure is, the gearbox is going to make its way into the III and you can never have too many spare transfer cases. The wheels are going to have a birthday, receive some smaller profile tires and sit nicely on the III too. The Evolution II was sitting on some nice shortened shocks with aftermarket lowering springs so i'll keep them too.

Since last post, I have made no progress on the III, created a mess which I don't have time to clean up and over analysed almost everything in my life.. Winning!

Until next time, do you like Pumpkin Soup?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Its happening again..

I always told myself after selling the Evolution VII that its was time to sell the Mercedes, focus on my career and save for a house... Unfortunately the little demon on my shoulder got the better of me.

While browsing Trademe I found a pretty average looking Evolution III and decided that Phresh and Phruity needed to go on a small drive to have a closer look, just a look....

At first I was literally sitting on a fence. After a little discussion, it turns out the seller was not your typical Evo owner and had spent far too much money on the car. I was pretty impressed with the test drive and decided to sleep on it. With a new VTNZ WoF, mechanical inspection and a bit of intense negotiation I ended up with a pretty nice example with 120k on the clock.

It turns out, the pretty standard looking car had a rebuilt motor and a Garrett turbo the size of my face hidden under the bonnet (refer to first post of gorgeous modelling pictures for turbo sizing comparison). Surprisingly, I've got the opening chapter of a novel in receipts totalling more that what was paid for the car and a pretty solid idea of what I want to do.

I could write pages about this car, but a couple of pictures will keep you interested and me quiet for a minute.

All plastic kit, orange indicators, high as a kite

Yes, the wing stays, the fart cannon goes.

Well.. Someone got a little carried away and the bank account took a decent hit. You will come to realise this is common practice here at Phresh & Phruity though. I've ordered a G4 Link computer, bigger fueling system, cold air intake and of course some very 90's gauges to soon be fitted.

This is where I should start to conclude and tell you about how overenthusiastic I am about the progress with this beautiful genuine Evolution III, but there is a twist... And no, its not that I put the car into a tree or a rod out the side of the block.

Today this showed up (excusing the terrible picture)

A genuine 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II with 117k on the clock. Sadly the registration has lapsed and the motor is only good for scrap.

Currently being sold as parts with a number of pieces living on in the III, any ideas?

Looking back at the last two weeks, at least I sold the Mercedes?


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sneeek Preeev!

Just a wee sneak preview on a car that we will no doubt do a full feature on, Milk's new ride.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Phresh & Phruity, the faces behind the name

A name Loki came up with while falling asleep one night, all I could come up with was HellaFlush or Fatlace and those were taken..

This blog is to give everyone a little insight into all the things in life we enjoy. Im predicting that this will be mainly based around things with wheels. A better word would be motor, but more often than not the cars we own don't have motors in half the time, which in our world is normal. 

Different would be a way to describe the cars we like, for an example if they are square, french, have hydraulic suspension and are from the late 1980s or early 1990s.. Anyone know what im talking about?

Now that I have you thinking I should really introduce myself. Im Chris, I suppose im the Phruity half of the title. A colourful character who can see the potential financial gain in anything that has wheels on it. Ive owned a bunch of different cars and can never decided what I actually want to own or what I want to do with it. I don't like just copying what everyone else does and love making a car the whole package.

The car with the most character is definitely my 1969 Mercedes Benz, which Im going to dedicate my first write up to in the near future, shes come a long way since the day I got her! 

Loki is Phresh, an ideas man! he's also Phresh because he always has a tall t-shirt on. Sees the light in every situation and usually wakes me up Phresh and early on a Sunday morning when Im horribly hungover. 

Just a little hello from us rather than a first post of some car we have found

Thought I would add a couple of modelling shots taken at the NZPC Hardpark last weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Milk - Phruity az

 Loki - Phresh az