Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Its happening again..

I always told myself after selling the Evolution VII that its was time to sell the Mercedes, focus on my career and save for a house... Unfortunately the little demon on my shoulder got the better of me.

While browsing Trademe I found a pretty average looking Evolution III and decided that Phresh and Phruity needed to go on a small drive to have a closer look, just a look....

At first I was literally sitting on a fence. After a little discussion, it turns out the seller was not your typical Evo owner and had spent far too much money on the car. I was pretty impressed with the test drive and decided to sleep on it. With a new VTNZ WoF, mechanical inspection and a bit of intense negotiation I ended up with a pretty nice example with 120k on the clock.

It turns out, the pretty standard looking car had a rebuilt motor and a Garrett turbo the size of my face hidden under the bonnet (refer to first post of gorgeous modelling pictures for turbo sizing comparison). Surprisingly, I've got the opening chapter of a novel in receipts totalling more that what was paid for the car and a pretty solid idea of what I want to do.

I could write pages about this car, but a couple of pictures will keep you interested and me quiet for a minute.

All plastic kit, orange indicators, high as a kite

Yes, the wing stays, the fart cannon goes.

Well.. Someone got a little carried away and the bank account took a decent hit. You will come to realise this is common practice here at Phresh & Phruity though. I've ordered a G4 Link computer, bigger fueling system, cold air intake and of course some very 90's gauges to soon be fitted.

This is where I should start to conclude and tell you about how overenthusiastic I am about the progress with this beautiful genuine Evolution III, but there is a twist... And no, its not that I put the car into a tree or a rod out the side of the block.

Today this showed up (excusing the terrible picture)

A genuine 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II with 117k on the clock. Sadly the registration has lapsed and the motor is only good for scrap.

Currently being sold as parts with a number of pieces living on in the III, any ideas?

Looking back at the last two weeks, at least I sold the Mercedes?


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