Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Phruity Phavorite

Time to just sit back, relax and put my feet up. My problem is I cant do that, even when I should be sleeping like normal people. My downtime ends up being a little different to your average..

This evening has been no different, I popped past to see how my good friend Nick was getting on with his S13, it was in a million pieces. I wasn't exactly in the mood for a jigsaw puzzle but after a yarn and a feed of pumpkin soup I was fueled for a bit of a mission. To where I wasn't sure...

After working late shifts for a couple of weeks, you turn into a bit of an insomniac. Normal, right??

Im a devoted Mitsubishi fan, but sadly they make pretty average daily drivers. Smoke all colours of the rainbow, excessive petrol use and tick when you are trying to be inconspicuous. So I am happily back to where I started.

This little car has been in my possession for best part of five years and I doubt I'll ever sell it after getting it back a few months ago. Offers are welcome though!

Yes, I realise its just your average nana spec Honda Civic with plenty of battle scars. I get heaps of shit for owning it, but she's my favorite out of all the cars I have owned and it gets me to work every day without phail.

I forget that it's running half time because it's so quiet, uses no oil and the best part is it gets almost six hundred kilometres to forty litres of 91. Beat that haters!

The only down side is some moron decided to lower it on a set of adjustable suspension which makes it bounce all over the road. Oh, and the show spec steel wheels.

I had big dreams of buying it a set of wheels and making it nice and flush but my good friend Bryce saw right through this and provided the perfect sticker instead. (When he reads this I will get a text along the lines of "Where the F*&% is my blog post?")

Since I have gone off on a major tangent, I'll stop typing and provide you with my three favorite photos which i took a few months ago.

Listen to this song before you depart, Mac Miller - Donald Trump

Normal people are sleeping right now so I better do the same.

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Whose idea was this?

Usually I sit here with a little bit of direction in regards to what I want to write, this morning is the complete opposite... Since my last post I have consumed copious amounts of pumpkin soup and in the last week spent more evenings intoxicated than I have sober.. Time to be productive!

This evening three of us decided to go and take a few sweet pics up at the Mount Victoria lookout.. On arriving at out destination we found ourselves in the middle of a pitch black tornado.. So we continued on what turned out to be a wild goose chase for decent lighting.

We found light, more wind and a good place to stand and talk shit for about an hour... Until we were interrupted by a security guard in a quite feminine Suzuki Swift. It was brief visit but he managed to get his two cents in and find his own jokes pretty amusing.

Out of all the photos we took these are the only ones that are a quarter decent. But as everything goes here at Phresh & Phruity, its all about the learning curve.

I wish I had a good snap of how unique the paint job looks on the Evo I, words can't describe it at all (I dont want to offend the owner by saying the wrong colour)

On tomorrows to do list, along with the Corollas roof rust, I need to acquire a tripod so I can continue to master manual mode... If you want to come along and listen to me swear at my mistakes feel free, there will be no charge. Alternatively, if you want to come show me up then go for it!

Quick thank you to the reduced to clear store who supplied me with many glass bottles of 7up for sweet F A. Can't forget Dom and Jake who decided to come out for a bit of a mission.

Will try not to phail next time!


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Phroject Cressida

There is something about old, boxy, Japanese cars that just scream 80's to me. Not so much DX's and the like, but Cressida's and the many variants (Cresta's, Mark ii's etc), just make me wanna break out the fluro gym gear and get busy.

So with that in mind, it brings me great pleasure to introduce Conan's Cressida. This is his second, and while it's sitting completely stock standard(yet still awesome), he already has a set of wheels that need polishing up and tires, and plans to have it running ridiculously low. Depending on how much hassling the Phresh and Phruity team gives him, he might even be persuaded to pop a 1UZ  Toyota V8 into it.

1UZ or not, I have a feeling this won't be the last we hear from Conan and his banging 80's barge.

Word, Phresh (Loki)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Automobiles are not ferocious.... it is man who is to be feared. - Robbins B. Stoeckel

The Corolla was fuelled up, a little Sunday drive was in order. The Phresh and Phruity team, along with Conan, were en route to Southwards Car Museum. A smidge north of Paraparaumu, this museum is the creation of some old guy, who bought a bunch of cars, restored some, and decided to let young jokers like ourselves come and potter round and check them out.

The photo's below are a small selection of the photo's taken, and are mainly of the 1970-1980's cars, as apposed to the large selection of cars from as far back as 1895!

As a driver for Wellington  Free Ambulane, Milk was most stoked to see this old Bedford Ambo, even going as far as climbing under the ropes to get a photo of the emblem adorning the side.

Anyone else never heard of a Suzuki CV-1 before now?

This Civic was one of my favourites of the day, so tiny and compact, and in pretty good nick too!

A KE model Corolla, without Modgies, Rotary, Dumpy? Phresh and Phruity approve. Mint apart from a slightly different coloured drivers door..

Mercedes Limo. Riding in style!

All in all a good day spent, and cheap entertainment too at only 12 buck entry fee each! A huge range of vehicles, tons of motorbikes, cars obviously and even a plane! Don't expect to visit and not leave pining over something vintage!

Word, Phresh(Loki)