Sunday, 10 April 2011

Phresh & Phruity, the faces behind the name

A name Loki came up with while falling asleep one night, all I could come up with was HellaFlush or Fatlace and those were taken..

This blog is to give everyone a little insight into all the things in life we enjoy. Im predicting that this will be mainly based around things with wheels. A better word would be motor, but more often than not the cars we own don't have motors in half the time, which in our world is normal. 

Different would be a way to describe the cars we like, for an example if they are square, french, have hydraulic suspension and are from the late 1980s or early 1990s.. Anyone know what im talking about?

Now that I have you thinking I should really introduce myself. Im Chris, I suppose im the Phruity half of the title. A colourful character who can see the potential financial gain in anything that has wheels on it. Ive owned a bunch of different cars and can never decided what I actually want to own or what I want to do with it. I don't like just copying what everyone else does and love making a car the whole package.

The car with the most character is definitely my 1969 Mercedes Benz, which Im going to dedicate my first write up to in the near future, shes come a long way since the day I got her! 

Loki is Phresh, an ideas man! he's also Phresh because he always has a tall t-shirt on. Sees the light in every situation and usually wakes me up Phresh and early on a Sunday morning when Im horribly hungover. 

Just a little hello from us rather than a first post of some car we have found

Thought I would add a couple of modelling shots taken at the NZPC Hardpark last weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Milk - Phruity az

 Loki - Phresh az

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