Friday, 9 December 2011

A quick Bwarp to Wendys

ahoy ahoy, Been awhile.... No excuses really but hey Summers here and we can stop hibernating now and get abit more productive.

So this Wednesday we tagged along to the Bwarp cruise up to Wendys to fill our belly's and talk some smack.

We were typically late as we are to most things and missed the drive up but luckily we were not to far behind and it seemed people were still turning up when we arrived.

We rolled in Hadlieghs partners A3 in style as all our other cars were out of action

Bryce was rather chuffed with his purchase's

This ek9 was probably my fave of the trip , I didn't actually meet him but props to him!

And a nice sunset for the drive back.

Looking forward to next time.



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