Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Shoes

So i finally got my hands on a set of my dream wheels recently, A set of BBS RS, 15x7, +25.
Admitedly they are far from perfect and need alot of loving. When i first got them I got a quote for a full refurb which came back at $400 a wheel! Hell no that wasn't happening so i did abit of research and figured i'll do it myself.

This is how they looked when i got them home.

Years of baked on brake dust and Curbing galore, Luckily there are no bends or buckles though.
Went to work cleaning them up, Undid all the bolts and went to work with the heat gun to split them.

Went to town with the file and got the majority of the curbing out of the lip, There are afew deep chunks that are too deep to get out without making the lip crooked but making do the best i can.

Here's the before and after...

Pretty bad pics but you get the idea, 3 more wheels to go, Next up alot of sanding,polishing and a trip to the powdercoaters. Hmmm what colour to go with.....


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