Thursday, 28 July 2011


Most of you that read this blog are probably aware of another blog, Bwarp. Obviously way more organised than Phresh and Phruity, they have stickers, and organise monthly(ish?) meets, at BurgerFuel Johnsonville. Conan decided he was a jock and going to the rugby, Milk was home nursing a toothache, so that left me. Fired up the trusty Corolla and was on my way.

While there, I talked some smack, ate a mean burger and about a million chips, and made the realisation that I am completely noob at taking photo's at night.. I did get a couple shots that were only mildly embarrassing, so here goes.
A smattering of Hondas.

Including this, my favorite car of the night..

This thing got quite a bit of attention from the guys I was standing with when it rolled in.

Yemo was filming with his camera, so might be able to post a wee video up in a few days time, no doubt with a cameo of me looking like an idiot. Lesson learned, I need more practise time behind the lens, Milk needs to hurry up and get those chompers fixed, and Conan needs to put the next Bwarp meet in his diary.

More coverage of this event will no doubt appear on Phresh and Phruity got love for the Bwarp!!

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  1. Swish blog fellas. Defs adding this to my subscribe list. Keen to see how those BBS wheels turn out!