Wednesday, 8 June 2011


So... It has been a while...

I'm supposed to be sleeping because I came home from work with a horrible migraine... Good things take time!

Mr Phresh introduced the latest purchase of Phresh, Phruity & Co
(The addition of Co, is for our new critic Conan... Who can write his own introductory post)

The three of us went to Auckland a few Sundays ago for a number of reasons... It was an early start as I was picked up at 7am for an 8.20am flight, as usual I was feeling a tad rough!

7.30am - We go through a checkpoint and Sir Conan is not wearing his seatbelt... Woops...

8.20am - Too busy gas bagging and almost miss the final boarding call for our flight... Sort of held up the plane...

9.10am - We land in Auckland, grab a Coffee and wait for our ride.. Which I then fell asleep in until we arrived at our destination and collected this!

Watch this space

We came home with a near immaculate EF civic sedan, NZ new, less than 100k on the clock and it drives like a dream.. I am genuinely jealous, I wish my bouncy little Civic was this tidy!

Personally, I had a hidden agenda... I wanted Dunkin Doughnuts.. If you look at the photo, you can see I got a couple (No I didnt buy five dozen).

It was then off to Wendys, where we all put on about five kilos and felt pretty sorry for ourselves afterwards.. Well worth it!

The drive home could of been the best part, I have never talked so much shit about nothing my whole life! We stopped too many times, met a fellow with a sexy Audi RS4 wagon and yelled gertntafan about a million times.

We have decided that I am not allowed to purchase any Mazdas and that Phresh HAS to buy a E30 BMW, as for Conan... Well who knows what is next...

Just a little update to whet the appetite for next time...

Bagged things.. I mean big things are happening behind the scenes so stay tuned!


For Sale

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