Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rolling deeep

You may have noticed on Milk's last post that the photo of his black Evo looks a little bit smhmicker than your average. This was one of many I took last weekend while rolling about in the dirty Hutt Valley. It was a pretty decent day weather wise, so out we went, three cars deep, Conan and Bryce in the Evo, Milk and I in the BMW and Bede and Livvy in Bede's immaculate RX7.

Having never tried taking rolling shots, it was tons of fun hanging my arms out of the bumpied beemer snapping shots of the other cars as they boosted past.

Here are a select few to feast your eyes on, perhaps one day soon we could do a full feature on Bede's RX7, or maybe some nice shots of Bryce's Silvia?

Rotary or piston, which do you prefer?

This last one Milk took of both of his cars, of which he has secured deposits from buyers for... What comes next I wonder??

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