Sunday, 12 June 2011

Never ending list...

One side of my brain tells me to grow up while the other provides me with the means to feed my addiction. Healthy for the bank account but not so much the patience levels. Cars seem to take up about ninety percent of my life and I love it.

I thought I would do a little post on a few cars I have enjoyed over the last couple years.

It all started with a particular blue Evolution IV.

This car is what started it all, I had owned a few before cars and trucks before this one but she was a keeper. Admittedly I spent far too much money on it and treated it better than most children in lower income areas but she was my baby. I regret selling it to this day!

I think after a mild breakdown, I ended up with this because I wanted a turbo...

My love for the early Mazdas got the better of me. Who am I kidding? It was a stupid mistake. It was a normal Ford Laser station wagon with a 1600 DOHC Turbo motor in it, certified and everything. Was a pity it hated life, liked wheel spinning and broke down more times than I can keep track of. This is the reason I am not allowed any more Mazdas.... Ever.

Then came the Mercedes..

Again... Why I sold this car I dont know...
Never broke down, never used oil, never missed a beat... But the floor did fall out..
I've still got the plates, and I'm still on the look out for a tidy one, so who knows?

Missed the Evo IV and tried to fill the gap..

It was new, low mileage, amazing to drive... but didnt quite cut the mustard... I didn't have a car seat or a child to put in my family spec lancer with a hairdryer! So of course, it went on trademe.

I thought I was 16 again like when the older Evo's first started popping up and found this...

A genuine Evolution III for the reason of... Actually, the only reason I wanted it was because its genuine... Wait, it's a pearler!

3 Series BMW

Airbag suspension... Enough said.

So right now I am trying to sell the BMW and the Evo III.... Who knows what's next ;)

This list keeps growing, It keeps me off any other possible substance of addiction and it's a pretty sweet hobby.

Phresh is going to write a post for our adventure today....

Thanks to Phresh for all the grammar correction....

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